Youth Fitness

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Our Tumbling/Gymnastics program is designed to give children an introduction to gymnastics fundamentals, with a focus on basic skills, improving coordination, and body alignment. Classes meet two nights a week; beginner and experienced options are available.

$20/month Member, $42/month Non-Member


The program combines cardio and strength training in one session. Activities include circuits, strength and flexibility stations using their own body weight, obstacle courses, ball games, jump ropes, and more. A great way to burn fat, calories, stay fit and makes new some friends.

Teen Strength Training Ages 12-15 years

Teens under the age of 16 must complete this class to have access to the weight room. Class will focus on:

  • Proper use of machines
  • Safety while weight training
  • Proper lifting technique
  • Proper free weight use
  • Breathing and muscle function
  • Proper weight room etiquette

Teens are tested at the end of the course. Class size is limited to 10 participants. Members only. FAST TRACK TEEN STRENGTH class available for youth with prior weight training experience; by appointment only.