FIT START - FREE to Members

The Champaign Family YMCA Fit Start program is a structured 7-week program designed to help YMCA members who are new to exercise, returning after a lengthy absence, unable to establish an exercise routine, or coming back from an injury or illness. You will meet with a certified personal fitness coach a minimum of four times over a 7-week period. Your coach will monitor your progress and provide personalized feedback on a weekly basis. Individual exercise sessions are done at your convenience.

Here's How it Works!

Call the YMCA Health Enhancement Director Jennifer Payne at 937-484-3562 to schedule your first appointment with one of our personal fitness coaches. Feel free to ask questions, express any workout concerns, and discuss overall goals. Below are a few examples of what to expect, but keep in mind that all appointments are personalized to fit YOUR needs!

1ST meeting – get to know your coach; assess your current fitness level and set goals; have an orientation to the cardiovascular equipment.

2ND meeting - review the first two weeks of your program; address any difficulties you encountered; add the first five pieces of strength equipment to your program.

3RD meeting – review your progress and make adjustments to your program; add more pieces of strength equipment.

FINAL meeting - review your entire program, answer questions, plan for the future, and CELEBRATE your accomplishments!