Youth Fitness

Iron Teens Certification

About the Program 

At the YMCA, we have two primary goals for our Iron Teens Program. 

Our first goal is to help our youth elevate their love for health and fitness that lasts into adulthood. Studies show that youth who exercise have stronger bones and muscles, have more control over their weight, reduction of anxiety and depression, and reduced risk of developing health conditions. 

Our second goal is to help them build strength to protect them from injuries. They will learn specific movement patterns that make them less likely to get injured in sports. 

This program is led by a strength and conditioning coach who will offer cues, motivation, and support. On top of all of the health benefits, completing Iron Teens will help our youth be more confident and safe in the weight room environment. 

After completing the program, youth will be permitted to use the fitness center without adult supervision. We encourage all youth 12 years and above to take their health into their own hands with Iron Teens!

Please call Ami Daniels for more details.  (937) 484-3562