The Champaign family YMCA Weight Room Orientation is designed to help YMCA members who are new to exercise, returning after a lengthy absence, unable to establish an exercise routine, or coming back from an injury or illness. This program provides weight room orientation for our new members and those needing a refresher course on how to properly set up  or use our cardio and Precor equipment. You will schedule to meet with a weight room specialist for three free sessions! Your coach will monitor your progress and provide feedback on your form and technique. Individual exercise sessions are scheduled at the convenience of you and your trainer and are based on your personal goals.


Here’s How it Works!

Call the YMCA fitness Director, Ami Daniels at 937-484-3562 to schedule your first appointment with one of our weight room specialists. Feel free to ask questions, express any workout concerns, and discuss overall goals. Below are a few examples of what to expect, but keep in mind that all appointments are personalized for your needs.


1st meeting - You will begin orientation on any cardiovascular equipment that interests you. Any remaining time will be utilized to properly set up and use perimeter Precor equipment based on your unique body structure and goals.

2nd meeting - Review the equipment set up from the first appointment, and add more or remaining pieces of equipment based on your fitness goals. 

3rd meeting - Add any remaining pieces of Precor equipment and review the established routine.  This is graduation day!  You will set up and demonstrate use of the equipment in your program. Your coach will critique your form and help correct form/adjustments and any questions that need addressed. 


Congratulations on your decision for a healthier you!